Taking on employees can be a daunting process not only in terms of additional responsibly but in the administrative burden that comes with calculating your employees pay and deducting the correct tax and national insurance.


At Willow Edge we run a fully compliant RTI (Real Time Information) payroll system designed to meet all your legal obligations for you and your employees.

We can:


  • Run the payroll weekly, fortnightly or monthly

  • Provide payslips and reports

  • Calculate PAYE deductions and tell you how and when to pay HM Revenue & Customs.

  • Prepare form P45 for leavers and process form P45/P46 for starters

  • We can prepare forms P11d for employee expenses and benefits

  • At year-end, we will prepare the Employers Annual return for submission to HM Revenue & Customs, and form P60 for employees


With Pension Auto Enrolment becoming a reality to many small employers, we can assist you on ensuring your obligations are met correctly by reviewing your work force to identify those who meet the criteria for workplace pensions, assisting with communication of these changes to employees and liaising with The Pensions Regulator.

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